WorldsFair Featured Item*You’llflip over these waffles!


(This basic recipe from The Joy of Cooking is good due to the fairly largeamount of butter used and the careful folding in of the egg whites at the end ofthe batter preparation.)

Preheat waffle iron while mixing batter.

Sift before measuring:


¾ cups cake flour (or Wondra)

Re-sift with:

2 teaspoons double-acting baking powder

½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

Beat well:

3 egg yolks


7 tablespoons melted butter

½ cups milk

Make a hole in the center of the sifted ingredients. Pour in the liquid ingredients.Combine them with a few swift strokes. The batter should have a pebbled look, similar to amuffin batter.

Beat until stiff, but not dry:

3 egg whites

Fold them into the batter until they are barely blended.

To bake, you will need a well-conditioned waffle iron. Peter sprays Pam on ours whichdoes facilitate removing waffles in one piece.

Tips on baking waffles:  Don’t wash your waffle iron’s grids; at most spray Pam on as Peter recommends.  Batter for waffles should be heavy in butter (or vegetable oil, as in Schultes’ recipe for waffles, an alternative to Joy’s approach) obviating the need for greasing.  When pouring the batter cover the grids surface about two-thirds, not all the way out to the edges.  Waffles are done when all steam has stopped emerging from the crack of the iron.

This recipe has been kitchen tested. 
Any questions about making waffles at the Klocks, email Peter by clicking here.

Editor’s Note:  A family favorite–brunch/breakfast. Since Peter and I like to make waffles and my parents were no longer making waffles often, they gave us their double-sided round waffle maker, i.e. twin-o-matic, in the early years of our marriage, . I think the waffle iron with its thirty years of seasoning in their home has been crucial to our success with waffles.   Thirty years of seasoning can help any pan– in addition to the right mix of ingredients.

Worlds Fair Featured Item*

This is the famous ART DECO MANNING BOWMAN TWIN-O-MATIC Waffle Iron, designed by KARL RATLIFF for, and exhibited at, the 1939 NEW YORK WORLDS FAIR. It was manufactured by the craftsmen at the MANNING BOWMAN CO. facility in MERIDEN, CT. This unique design won world awards and is the ONLY waffle iron shown in Tony Fusco “ART DECO” BOOK, Volumes 1 & 2. This waffle iron consists of 2 pieces: a double TOP/BOTTOM Waffle Iron, and a circular chrome plated Tray that has 2 heavy Bakelite Cradles that hold the Waffle Iron when in use. Another unique feature is that it has both a Thermometer and a Thermostat. When used, one loads the top Waffle Section; wait for 15 seconds, then rotate the Waffle Iron 180 degrees on it’s cradles; then load the bottom Waffle Section. It makes 2 standard sized waffles, not the small ones normally found in other doubles.


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