To make 1 cocktail or after-dinner drink

1 ounce Cointreau or Triple Sec*
2 ounces brandy
1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice
3 or 4 ice cubes

A 4-ounce cocktail glass, chilled

Combine the Cointreau or Triple Sec, brandy, lemon juice and ice cubes in amixing glass.  Place a shaker on top of the mixing glass and, grasping themfirmly together with both hands, shake vigorously 7 or 8 times.  Remove theshaker, place a strainer on top of the mixing glass, and pour into a chilledcocktail glass.

Charlie’s drink had a stemmed, maraschino cherry  as a garnish, but theTime Life version above does not call for one.  Also, he mentioned that therim of the glass may be sugared, similar to the way one might salt the edge of aglass for a Margarita.  Again, a matter of time, taste, etc.  If you doit with a slice of lemon or lime, a la the Margarita recipes below, but usesugar,  it will contribute a  sweet & sour effect to thedrink’s first sips.

*The September-October 2000 issue of Cook’s Illustrated has an interesting articlecomparing Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Triple Sec.  Might be worth a lookif you are considering making either a Sidecar or a drink with limeand Triple Sec akin to the Margarita II recipe which appears below.  Cook’s favors the less “boozy” Triple Sec. 
Use the orange-flavored liqueur you prefer, or  have on hand.   Ilike Grand Marnier as a postprandial liqueur; so, we have that, but we also haveCointreau, since it is an ingredient in our family favoriteCotter Skyrockets.  Just choosewhat works in your space.

Actually, the Sidecar may be a nice alternative for those among us whoenvy the Margarita drinkers but are not too thrilled with tequila.

Click here on Margaritas to compare a Time-Life Foods of the World: “Wines and Spirits” version of a margarita,  made with lemon juice,
Margarita I, to another made with lime juice, Margarita II.

Also, for one of our family favorite lemon-juice cocktails, click here forthe recipe for a  Skyrocket, a favorite ofPeter’s uncle and aunt, Ralph and Mabel Cotter.

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