Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce & Pine Nut Cream Cheese “Torte”

The following is based on a suggestion from PfaelzerBrothers* for a simple appetizer, pairing cream cheese and their Roasted Red BellPepper Sauce.

Slice a large bar of cream cheese lengthwise, sprinkling chopped, fresh basil leaves onone layer along with toasted pine nuts and a moderate amount of  Roasted Red BellPepper Sauce. (If you overdo the sauce on this lower level, there may be a greatslide after the torte is assembled.)
Carefully place the remaining slice of cream cheese n top and spread additional RoastedRed Bell Pepper Sauce on the top.

Sprinkle toasted pine nuts around and over the cream cheese torte. Serve with crackersor toasted bread slices.

* Pfaelzer’s Gourmet MarketPlace (1-800-753-8558),
this supplier of gourmet items is linked to California Cuisine, Hickory Farms, the sourceof various stock bases made by Rykoff-Sexton, which are MSG-free and low-sodium.

This recipe has not been  tested.

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