An overview of the Pepper Process from Poppy’s Pirkey Pepper Party on October 6, 2001

Special thanks to my very willing subjects, Poppy, Peter Kuzmickas and Bob Hamburger.  To see the process, scroll slowly to the right — moving around the photos clockwise from upper left — to view cutting, deseeding and then filling cleaned peppers with anchovies which have been rolled in salt.  Peter turns the peppers to help desiccation process.  Final picture shows how much smaller all those peppers are after a few days in the press.

Above pictures illustrate the process from acquiring several bushels of peppers, to a full day at the lake with lots of manpower (and cold beer), to the dehydration process in the “wine” press specially adapted for peppers and finally the packing in olive oil, a last step not shown above.  If you want to see the recipe for this, to know proportions, double click here on Pirkey Peppers.

September 28, 2002 — Peter’s Pepper Packers Packed, Pickled, Peppered . . .

(above, a photo of our new press and Peter, 9/29/02)


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