Any of the following would be interesting choices with a meat/poultry fondue —

Anchovy Mustard Sauce

Béarnaise Sauces (made with or without an electric blender)

Blackberry Sauce (a savory sauce, on the sweet side, good if you include chicken with your fondue)

Blue Mountain Coffee Barbeque Sauce (very hot)

Chinese Sauces (including Duck, Mustard, and Soy-Sesame)

Curried Mayonnaise

Ginger Sauce for Grilled Poultry(catsup-based)

Honey Barbecue Sauce (with an Indian touch, curry-flavor)

Horseradish Sauce

Nineteen Spices Sauce

Paprika Sauce

Poncho Sauce

Sauce Rémoulade

And, last but not least, double click here on sauces to accompany  meat and poultry fondue, to view a collection of quick, simple sauces, including a couple from the above list.

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