We all had a chance to jump in the lake, summer ’03.
Hope you did too!

Fil’s controlling subject A, Poppy’s holding subject B
from the left, Fil, Andrew, Anson, Jenny & Poppy
subject A = Honey
subject B = Snowball

(to see one more photo, without the subject-A distraction, click here on minus A)

From Connecticut, onto a stop in Baltimore, including a crab fest,

above, Randy and Marge, Jenny’s sister enjoying crabs as only true Baltimorons can,

above, John Vickers & Anson share crabs & crab lore,
hostess Cathi is in background, behind Anson

(Click here on crab fest collage, to see a few more of these photos.)


then , down to DC,
here below, two photos from a moving  — well, yes, also hot, humid, sweaty — experience,
our visit to Arlington Cemetery:

a new perspective — Anson & Jenny’s first visit together to Mills-Overton family plot — (photo by Anson)

and Poppy’s intro to Jenny:

Jenny and Poppy looking at Overton marker (photo by Anson)



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