For a kissin’ cousin, using short-grained arborio rice, click here on Corn Risotto.


1 can (14 ½-ozs.) fat-free chicken broth, or two cups homemade stock
¼ cup water
2 teaspoons minced garlic
1 cup long-grain rice
4 ears already-cooked fresh corn (for about 2-½ cups kernels)
1 large ripe tomato (for 1 cup chopped)
3 scallions (for ¼ cup chopped)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Cook the rice your own favorite way,*  incorporating the minced garlic with  the liquids from the above ingredients list (the broth and water) for steaming the rice.  Cook until the rice is tender.  Basically, this recipe calls for 1 cup of rice cooked in a little more than two cups of liquid.  Adjust quantities for number of servings, guests you plan.

While the rice cooks, cut the kernels from the corn into a shallow-2-quart or larger casserole dish.  Scrape the cob to remove any remaining kernels and milk.  Core the tomato (unpeeled) and cut into roughly ¼-inch dice.  Add the tomato to the dish.  Chop the scallions, including enough of the tender green tops to make ¼ cup.  Add them to the dish.  Toss to mix well.  Set aside until rice is done.
Pour the hot rice into the dish with the corn mixture.  (The heat from the rice will warm the corn.)  Toss to mix well.  Add salt and pepper to taste and serve at once. 

Yield:  Serves 4.

Editor’s note:  To cook a dozen ears of corn, fill an 8-quart or larger pot with water roughly a third of the way full (about 3 quarts).  Place it over high heat, cover and bring to a boil.. (If you do not have a big pot, use two 4 ½-quart soup pots.)  Meanwhile, shuck and silk the corn.  When the pot boils, add the corn, cover, and bring it back to a rapid boil.  Cook until just tender, about 11 minutes for large ears.   Remove the corn from the pot and cool.  Refrigerate leftovers in a large zipper-top plastic bag for future use.

* (If you need rice-cooking directions or more information about corn-cooking methods, just click on @-symbol here or at bottom, left side of this page, and send your request to editor of this site.)

This recipe has been kitchen tested.  We used leftovers for fried rice.  It’s good but still needs the usual items added to zip up the fried rice; our first experimental batch was a bit bland.


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