Nancy Klock’s CLAMBAKE — for 4



Seaweed, washed thoroughly and stored in a cool place


4 scrubbed Idaho potatoes, wrapped in foil


2 chickens in parts, each part wrapped securely in cheesecloth


2  1 1/2 lb. lobsters, rinsed well


4 ears fresh corn, husked and wrapped in foil


24 steamer clams


            More lobsters, fewer chickens, if everyone likes  lobsters.





                                    0:00 — Add a quart of water and a light layer

                                                   of seaweed to the bottom of a large

                                                   kettle.  Place over high heat.


                                    0:02 — Add potatoes and more seaweed; cover



                                    0:15 — Add chickens and seaweed; cover kettle.


                                    1:00 — Add lobsters and seaweed; cover kettle.


                                    1:07 — Add corn; more seaweed not necessary


                                    1:27 — Add clams and cover; Steam.

                                                            (Note:  if clams are doubtful, add

                                                             sooner so they can cook 20 minutes.)


                                    1:37 — Ready to serve.

                                                   Use butter and kettle liquid as dip.


Accompaniments:  Mixed salad

                                                 Chilled rosė  wine

                                                 Iced beer

                                                 Lemon lotus ice cream or sherbet for dessert.




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