Striped Bass Chinese Style

Poppy and I learned this recipe when we took aChinese-cooking class while we were graduate students at Johns Hopkins in thelate sixties.

You will need about a 2-pound fresh striped bass, akarockfish.  (Clear, shiny, eyes and red gills are signs of freshness.)Though this recipe is most impressive if fish is served whole, cutting  thefish in half to fit your pan will not ruin the final product.

Dry and fry whole fish  in oil on low heat.

Meanwhile, combine:

    3parts maple syrup with honey
    2 parts vinegar
    2 parts sherry
    2 parts soy sauce

Also, prepare:

    green onions, shredded
    mushrooms and bamboo shoot tips
    water chestnuts, shredded

Pour all  fat off fish. Add liquid mix and shredded vegetables to frying pan plus more sherry.  
(We used to add quite a bit of MSG but I no longer include that.)
Add 3 to 6 large cloves of garlic, chopped, and some chili pepper, chopped

The fish can simmer as long as an hour. When ready to serve, remove solids to a plate large enough to accommodatethe fish. Then prepare a sauce using the liquid and vegetables with whichthe fish cooked.. 
Mix some cornstarch  in  a small amount of cold water. Add the cornstarch-water mixture to liquidremaining in the pan to thicken the sauce.
Pour some sauce over the fish and pass the rest separately.


This recipe has been kitchen tested.

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