Two poems read by SueH at memorial service, November 6, 2005.

Both were written by Sue and Peter’s son, Peter Andrew Klock, in poetry workshops while he was a student at MIT, alma mater of Felix S. Klock I and II.  Andrew explained to me that the first was written as an assignment to write a sonnet in the style of Shakespeare.  Ordinarily he would not write in this style.  The second poem was written during the following semester.


I told you already I don’t need you;

this black temptation born in corrupt hearts.

How many have so finally come to rue

being caught by dreams of ardent passion

or schemes fueled by cold ambition, and through

your endless whispers, playing vicious parts?

All anyone has to do is want to

want, caught in a cage of their own fashion.

Yet for all the suffering you have made

it’s easy to escape your grasping range,

to reach a perfect peace, quietly fade,

never worry, never want, never change;

And I can just lie here, so without breath

I’ll never move again, and wait for death.



Why is everyone so afraid?

Just raise your eyes from darkened floors

as we travel down this narrow tunnel

and look into someone’s eyes.


Just raise your eyes from darkened floors.

I promise you won’t lose your secrets.

Just look into someone’s eyes

and find a way to escape this shrouded prison.


I promise you won’t lose your secrets

if you will just take one small chance.

Find a way to escape this shrouded prison!

Break past your fearful isolation.


If you will take just one small chance

to leave those shifting, tangled thoughts

and break past this fearful isolation;

don’t leave yourself in this nightmare.


So leave those shifting, twisted thoughts,

as we travel down this narrow tunnel;

don’t keep yourself in this nightmare

where everyone is so afraid.


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